Finding condoms for men with small dicks

Finding condoms for those of us who are small endowed has been a constant source of frustration over the years.  Even a regular sized condom can easily fit over a generously sized banana – something that would dwarf our little penises.  Most condoms are far too long and too wide for our mini-members.  How many of you who are lesser endowed have gone in to your local pharmacist and announced, “I’ll take a dozen small condoms please?”  Chances are even if you made such a bold request you would leave empty handed because finding condoms for the small endowed man is almost impossible.  Judging by the average convenience store condom selection, men with small and extra small penises apparently do not exist.

Fortunately, there has been some progress in being able to find smaller condoms.  Check out the Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condom , Contempo Exotica or The Iron Grip Condom.  All are shorter in length and narrower in width. The Lifestyles Snugger Fit and the Contempo Exotica are billed as the smallest condoms on the market and are both pretty sensitive.  A company called Durex has created a product called Close Fit condoms. These are small fit condoms specifically designed for men with small penises. These extra small condoms allow men with small penises not only to enjoy sex more intensely but they also help to more effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.  Condomania uses the slogan “They Fit” to describe its 55 sizes of condoms, also available online at TheyFit condoms feature 55 sizes to ensure that every guy, from 3 to 10 inches, can get a condom that fits properly for maximum security, comfort, and pleasure.

So there are at least more choices for us on the market than there used to be.  The problem is its way too complicated to find them.  If a company does offer small condoms they usually describe them with code words like “close fit,” “modest,” “snug” or “snugger fit.” Even the “They Fit” condoms requires you to download a measuring kit that looks like a ruler but with random numbers on it that you then need to convert to a chart with letters on it. Too complicated!   Wouldn’t it be much simpler to just order a condom to fit your small erect penis that measures say 4 ½ inch long and 4 inches around?  At the same time, I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention there is no such problem for men who require large condoms.  They come in “extra-large” and “magnum” sizes for the well-endowed man.  But for some reason the word “small” is taboo.

Small and extra small condoms provide pleasure and protection for those of us with very small penises. I suspect the only reason condoms are not labeled as “small or extra small” is because of how people would react to them. The perception is obvious, size matters. Some men simply do not want people to think they have small penises even if they do.  Personally I think that’s a shame. I would have no problem ordering small condoms even over the counter from a female clerk.  I don’t care who knows I have a small cock.

Any thoughts on this subject?


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  1. Even if a man doesn’t need a small condom, it can still be very hot asking a female attendant for help locating one or ordering it from their supplier. 🙂

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    1. ASbsolutely!

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  2. bambiegirl · · Reply

    Snugger fit. Is code for small siz\


  3. Little Petey · · Reply

    This, I’m sure, will date me, but the internet – at least as it is today – didn’t exist when I was growing up. Online stores and places where you could order things like sex toys and condoms from the comfort and privacy of your living room were years away.

    I would just buy regular, plain old Trojans and deal with the discomfort of the extra material “bagging up” or the embarrassment of having it slip off in the heat of the moment, as they often did. I think I sort of knew that they were too big for me, but I hadn’t really come to terms with the fact that I was below average and wrote it off as “condoms just don’t fit me well”, so learning there were better options for me was a godsend. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as smaller sized condoms until I was in my mid-20s.

    The girl I was seeing at the time slid a magazine in front of me one morning while we were having breakfast to show me the article she was reading. One of those cheesy newsrags like US News and World Report or Newsweek, printed on cheap paper with tons of ads and “advertorial” passed off as real articles. This one was about how manufacturers were struggling to find ways to get men to buy condoms that actually fit them and educating them that getting the wrong size represented a health risk.

    I thanked her and asked her why she thought this applied to me, since the piece was about men buying Magnums and XL sizes when they didn’t need the extra inches of rubber (no puns intended). I’d been dating this girl for a while now and my size wasn’t a secret, nor the fact that she was struggling with it. She loved me deeply and wasn’t superficial enough to dump me the moment she saw it, but we were honest and open with each other and this had been an ongoing issue for a while now. Having condoms slip off in her while we were going at it, or the wrinkles that formed from the extra material chafe uncomfortably, played a part in our difficulties.

    She smiled and pointed to the sidebar. It was an interview with a salesperson at one of these companies, whose job it was to market their products. They were introducing several smaller varieties and were encountering what were then unexpected challenges. How do you label them? No one’s going to buy a box of condoms with the word “Small” printed anywhere near it. So they were test marketing a number of alternate labels (he didn’t say which). Additionally, they were finding that while boxes of small condoms went completely unsold on the shelf, they were being shoplifted and the stores were responding by keeping them behind the pharmacy counter. They were still available, but not advertised – you had to know they were there and then have the potentially embarrassing interaction of asking someone else for them. Not an ideal situation for a company trying to introduce a new line of product. They were also testing phone orders – just call the manufacturer and have them sent directly to you, or you could have your pharmacist keep them in stock by asking.

    This was a revelation for me and when I finally got the courage to call and order – I couldn’t deal with the anxiety of a face to face conversation, even with someone like a pharmacist who was supposed to be a professional and most likely couldn’t have cared less – the difference was night and day. And I’ve bought them ever since. For years, I would just order from Trojan or one of the other companies by phone until the online stores started appearing. Every now and then though, I’d find myself in need and out of supply in my own stash and had to go to a pharmacy. No one ever said a thing and I think I only got one raised eyebrow – a younger woman who was trying to decide if I was pranking her or something.

    And on only one occasion did they cause any embarrassment in the bedroom, but that’s another story…


    1. Great comment, that’s why I write this site! Please go on !


      1. Little Petey · ·

        Maybe in a private email… 😉


      2. Little Petey · ·

        … wait… that sounded a lot creepier than I intended… 😦


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