Small Penis Therapy

Another resource some of you may find helpful is Small Penis Therapy which touches on many of the issues discussed here and is run by a woman who provides therapy for men and couples with small penis issues.


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As a reaction to several mails I got, I published a 110 page book: “How to begin cuckolding” – I put all my experiences in this book, starting from 0 to become a successful cuckold…





  1. Little Petey · · Reply

    That’s an interesting site, but it hasn’t been updated since 2012…


    1. ..but still, its comments are good- do you have any suggestions?


  2. Little Petey · · Reply

    You’re right that what content exists there is good. I don’t have any thoughts beyond that, other than to wish she’d kept at it. But I understand that maintaining a blog with regular content is time consuming and can be draining, so I don’t blame her.


    1. Actually, yes maintaining a blog is a lot of work (as I just found out, again…)


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