Fantasizing about my little dick

I often suggest we watch porno movies with supremely endowed men. This makes my dick look even smaller in comparison and then I fantasize about my little dick next to his and how my wife is comparing us.


Again, it’s ok if he suggests it, but for you to be proactive and suggest it will really send him over the edge.

  • His “Little Secret”:  Have you ever told anyone in confidence (like your girlfriends) that your husband is lacking in the penis department?  If so, have you told him this?  If not, why not?  He would probably be more excited than you can imagine.  Ask him this question, “Honey, would you be terribly upset if I ever told someone that you had a little dick?”  See what his reaction is.  It would probably make his little dick squirm.  You don’t even have to do it, but just planting a seed that you have thought about it or might do it would probably turn him on.  Not surprisingly, many small endowed men often fantasize about being “outed” for having a small dick.  They may or may not want it to happen in real life, but they think about it constantly.
  • Small Condom Sex:   OK, time for some fun.  Do you and your partner ever have sex with condoms?  If not, tell your partner you would like to spice things up a little bit and have him use a condom.  Demonstrate your knowledge of the subject by reminding him that there is no way he could fit into a regular condom and so he will need to look specifically for small or extra small condoms.   You can even help educate him by telling him that the smaller condoms are usually described with code words like “closer fit” “snug” or “snugger fitting” so as not to embarrass smaller endowed men like him.  If he agrees, do not let him order them online, but rather suggest he go to a pharmacy or adult store to get them.  You can send him on his way, or, to really provide a titillating experience you can go with him.  If you go with him, you can approach it in one of two ways.  You can tell him he has to go to the clerk and ask for small or extra small condoms.  If the clerk is a male he will be really embarrassed, and if it’s a female, he will be even more embarrassed.  But the ultimate embarrassment for him is if it’s a female clerk, and you tell him to stand by while you go up to her and say something like, “We’re looking for small or extra small condoms.  My husband is really small down there if you know what I mean?”  Can you imagine how humiliating this would be for him?  But, secretly he’ll probably love it!
  • Penis Enhancements:  The same principle applies for penis enhancements such as penis extensions and strap on cocks.  This could be a lot of fun too because there is no way he could walk out of an adult store without everyone knowing he has a little dick. Make it even more fun and give him the following instructions. “Honey, I want you to find a female clerk because she will understand what I need.  I want you to be honest with her and tell her you only have 4 inches and your wife would like for you to get a penis extension that provides more thickness and is at least 3 inches longer.”  If he doesn’t come on himself when you say that he just might if he has to say that to a female clerk!

These are just a few examples of things you can do or say to provide your husband with the small penis humiliation/teasing that he so desperately wants and needs. There are probably many other ideas and you are really only limited by your imagination.  One woman who provides her husband with small penis humiliation described it this way, “I give my husband small penis humiliation because it turns him on.  The fact it turns him on turns me on as well and that’s why I enjoy doing it.”

Hopefully this has provided you with a better understanding of the small penis humiliation fetish.  We all have our individual kinks, fetishes and fantasies.  As long as they don’t involve hurting someone, doing something illegal and it’s between consenting adults what’s wrong with it?  Talk with your husband and explore his fantasies as well as yours.


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