Providing Your Husband With Small Penis Humiliation

This is part 6 of my series.

Providing Your Husband With Small Penis Humiliation:

Small penis humiliation is actually more common than most know and is something that is not damaging as long as both participants take it for what it is — a form of role playing and sexual teasing by consensual adults to heighten sexual pleasure.  My advice to men who desire this is to be open and honest with your lover even if it’s a little embarrassing.  My advice to women is, you now have a better understanding what it is and why it appeals to your man, so, as long as you are comfortable providing it for him, you should consider doing so.   Here are some examples of more mild forms of small penis humiliation you could engage in:

  • Know the terminology:  Some women draw a distinction between a cock and a penis.  A cock is big and a penis is small.   Some women don’t like the word penis because they think it’s too clinical and if you are one of them then substitute the word dick instead, but don’t refer to his mini-member as a cock.  From now on when you talk about his penis, make sure you always preface that word with an appropriate adjective.  Some descriptors that come to mind include:  small, very small, little, underdeveloped, etc.  Whatever trips your trigger will work, just remember, you should openly and frequently acknowledge his lack of manhood.  If you have refrained from being honest before it will really turn him on to hear the truth.  Women married to men who are small endowed are often hesitant to bring up the issue of his penis size for a variety of reasons but just remember, your husband not only wants it, he craves it.  For many small endowed men the taboo act of his woman actually telling him his penis is small is thrilling precisely because it is not a socially accepted thing to do.
  • Your previous lovers cocks:   If you have gotten this far, it’s now safe for you to compare him to your former lovers.  How much larger were their cocks?    What did the bigger ones feel like?  Was it more filling and did the deeper penetration excite you?  Be as graphic as possible, and if the bigger ones were more pleasurable, tell him.
  • Dildo comparison:  If you don’t own a dildo, go out and buy one, it doesn’t have to be huge, just noticeably larger than your husband. The ones that look and feel like the real thing are best because it represents competition for him.  The next time you are in bed take it out and compare it to his much smaller erection.  He has probably already done this secretly, but having you do it will definitely send him into orbit.  Describe the visual difference to him.  Then describe the physical difference to him as well.  If it’s the size of a former lover, tell him. Next, put him on the spot.  With the dildo still next to his erect cock, ask him how it feels to be so small by comparison.
  • Compensation for a Small Penis:  Since you now have a “new” relationship, take the first opportunity you have to lovingly explain to your husband that your relationship requires a new kind of sexual honesty. Tell him you are no longer just going to accept his “shortcomings” as you have in the past.  Ask him directly how he plans to compensate for his lack of manhood in the bedroom.  Hopefully, your husband will respond by showing his eagerness and willingness to become a master at oral sex, perhaps supplement is lack of size by using more sex toys, etc. If there is something specific you want, tell him. But, don’t let him off the hook without providing you with a plan.
  • Small Penis Sex Positions:    One of the biggest frustrations of women married to men with little dicks is their inability to satisfy them during intercourse.  There may be a variety of reasons why this is the case, but it can sometimes be something as simple as traditional sex positions are ineffective for underdeveloped men.   So, if your husband is too small to satisfy you in say the missionary position for example, don’t just accept it, be  straight forward and tell him, and tell him why – his dick is too small to satisfy you in that position.   Be firm with your husband and let him know there are three kinds of sex.  There is big cock sex, regular sex, and then there is small penis sex.  The first two require a full sized cock, something he doesn’t have, so he needs to concentrate on small penis sex. Be adamant, and insist he do some research to find small penis sex positions.  There are numerous positions designed to provide maximum penetration for the small penis. Besides, sex will be much more pleasurable for both of you anyway.  So start referring to sex with your husband as small penis sex.
  • Sex Video Comparisons:  If you don’t watch any porno or sex videos, consider taking the initiative and suggesting it.   And by all means, don’t be bashful to openly acknowledge those cocks you find attractive or large.   Men honestly want to know what you think of other men’s cocks.  And tell them how big you think it is and how your husband compares.  For example, you might say ”OMG, his cock is huge, it must be 9 inches long and it’s so thick, he’s more than twice your size. Now that’s a man-sized cock!”   Comments like that will drive your man wild and will probably give him a hard little boner.  Remember, they want to be reminded they don’t measure up, so take every opportunity to remind them.  Many small endowed men will even take the initiative and suggest watching videos with a similar purpose in mind.

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  1. Wonderful post! My wife already does a lot of this and more! She now enjoys it almost as much as me.

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    1. Great, thanks for the compliment!

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  2. tarnishedsoul · · Reply

    I’ve played this before and really enjoy it.


    1. Great – would you elaborate?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tarnishedsoul · ·

        Probably not…lol


  3. Nick Rucker · · Reply

    I wish my wife would humiliate me everyday.


    1. Who doesn’t?


  4. Nick rucker · · Reply

    Love to watch my wife veing fucked by a hung


    1. Go on …


  5. Sean · · Reply

    I love my wife flashing guys at the steam room after I let them see my small cock.


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