Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation – Part4



Discovering the truth

This is part II of the series – please read part I here, and part II here, and part III here.

  • Visual Comparisons:  From an early age, males become acutely aware of size differences.  While the size difference may be insignificant at first, over time the disparity in size widens and is visibly noticeable.  Even though these visual comparisons are usually based solely on the comparison of flaccid penises which isn’t a true indicator of size, the differences are still obvious.  This continues into adult hood, where even going to the gym can be an intimidating experience for a man who is underdeveloped.  Punctuating this embarrassment are those occasions when he catches a glimpse of a man who is supremely well-endowed – a man whose penis may be two or three times his size.   The underdeveloped man will feel completely overmatched.  Visual comparisons continue throughout his life and serve as an ongoing and daily reminder he doesn’t measure up.
  • Public Media:  Penis size, once a taboo subject in the media is now becoming main stream.  TV shows like Ally McBeal and Sex in the City have had episodes where women openly extolled the virtues, indeed even their preferences for well-endowed men.  It’s also not uncommon to be watching TV late at night and an infomercial on penis enlargement comes on, usually including interviews with women who smile and sheepishly admit that yes, size does matter.
  • Verbal Comments:   Early on the locker room and shower can become a den of humiliation for the underdeveloped young man. It’s not uncommon for other boys to point out who has a small or the smallest penis.  Being teased, taunted and humiliated becomes a daily occurrence for many.
  • Previous Sexual Experiences:  Relationships with girlfriends, women or wives along the way will often validate the feelings of the small endowed man that size does matter. If any of the women he has had sexual relationships with gave him any indication that his penis size was too small, inadequate or they were left unfulfilled it will have a profound and permanent impact on him.  And, if any of the women in his life have taken more well-endowed lovers during the relationship, it will further serve to validate what he already knows – he doesn’t measure up.

The Watershed Moment

The vast majority of small endowed men have experienced many if not all of the above examples at one time or another.  And the more experiences they have had, the more a feeling of sexual inadequacy there will be.  It tends to have a cumulative effect.  They have gone through being angry about being shortchanged to being envious of larger, better endowed men, but at some point in their lives there is a watershed moment that leads them to acceptance of their small endowment.  One man explained it this way.  “I’m 6’3 and am generally well built except for my small penis which barely measures 4” when fully erect.  One time when I was 30 years old I went to a beach by myself to catch some sun and swim.  When dusk approached I realized the beach was deserted and I went into the public changing room to shower.  While I was washing my hair I could hear someone else enter the room and was using the shower next to me.  When I opened my eyes, my jaw almost hit the floor.  Standing next to me was a young guy probably in his late teens who was only about 5’7” tall with a slender build, but what caught my attention was he had one of the largest flaccid penises I had ever seen.   It had to be close to 7” long just dangling soft between his legs.  And it wasn’t just long, it was also incredibly thick.  I had seen other large cocks before, but there was something different this time.  It was like a light bulb went on in my head. For the first time, I acknowledged to myself that this guy was sexually superior to me and there was nothing I could do about it. His cock wasn’t just a little bit bigger than mine, it completely dwarfed mine and I felt overwhelmed by his enormous cock.  It was at that moment that I acknowledged to myself that I had a very small penis, but what really surprised me was what happened next. I felt myself becoming very aroused. To be clear, I wasn’t turned on by his large penis in a sexual way at all, instead, I realized I was VERY turned on by the fact that mine was so much smaller. There was something very humiliating, yet incredibly exciting about the amazing size difference.  From that moment on I craved small penis humiliation.”

However they come to the realization, eventually, many underdeveloped men will resign themselves to the fact their penis is small.  Self-acceptance is a big step for the man who possesses an undersized penis, and it’s a step some men sadly will never reach.  But, if they do acquiesce and accept it, they often times find themselves drawn to small penis humiliation.  Why?  Because they have learned to accept what has always been a negative feeling about their small cocks and now have transformed it into a very powerful and erotic experience.  This is why small penis humiliation is so exciting for them.


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One comment

  1. bambiegirl · · Reply

    Yes Steve, I can relate to all the above. Growing up four of my friends and I would get together several times a week and have a want session. I loved looking at them. As we got older those four kept getting bigger, thicker, and longer. I stayed the same size, under three inches. This is fully erect. They were over 6 already. We would go to the YMCA to workout followed by a shower. It was in there I saw I 2as the smallest of all the men.
    My friends would yank my towel so I was forced to walk around naked in the locker room.
    My present wife has me dress as a sissy, refuses me intercourse because I slip out all the time and i ejaculate prematurely. She prefers her ex-husband who is 9 inches hard and keeps her satisfied.
    I enjoy small penis humiliation for a long time.


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