Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation – Part3


This is part II of the series – please read part I here, and part II here.

Men who are small endowed usually fall into one of three categories.  The first is the man who knows he is small but it really hasn’t affected him in any negative way.  He may even be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t care about penis size either and so the issue has never even been brought up.  The second category is the man who is well aware of his lack of penis size but he keeps it to himself because he is embarrassed to admit it and he harbors anger and resentment at being shortchanged.  He would never admit to his wife that he doesn’t measure up, and would be utterly paralyzed if she called him out on it.  The third category is the man who has not only come to grips with the fact they are small; but they also eroticize about it obsessively, and will willingly acknowledge their shortcomings to their partners.  Many men in this category crave small penis humiliation and will proactively seek it out.


Similarly, women married to men who are lesser endowed also fall into one of three categories.  Like the first category above, some women honestly don’t care about penis size.  They may be simply be attracted by the characteristics of their lover.  They may even be sexually content, so penis size for is basically irrelevant to them and is a non-issue.  Women in the second category definitely know their man is undersized, and his lack of size can be a problem.  She may be sexually frustrated at times and resort to masturbation and/or secretly use dildos to achieve orgasm.  Depending on the type of small endowed man she is married to, she may keep her sexual frustrations to herself, but she is nonetheless well aware of them.  Women in the third category are well aware their husbands do not possess a full-sized penis. But, what sets women in this category apart from the others is that they will openly acknowledge it to their husbands and may even be proactive looking for alternative ways to achieve sexual satisfaction including openly using dildos, strap-on cocks or other sex toys.  The other important thing that sets them (and they not even realize it) is just having knowledge that their husbands don’t measure up and acknowledging it openly gives them a lot of power in the relationship.  Just by the nature of their sexual honesty, they are already providing their husbands with small penis humiliation – probably without even understanding what it is.

Understanding the root causes of small penis humiliation

Let’s face it there is little argument that the penis is one of the most important parts of the male body. Men are obsessed with their penises, and we live in a society that is fixated and fascinated by penis size.  Many ancient cultures worshipped large phallic symbols and men with large penises were to be admired and complimented for it.  They are often the alpha, aggressive dominant male that many women secretly (or openly) desire. Men with large cocks are appealing to women because they exude sexual confidence and represent virility and masculinity.

All of this is not lost on men.  When men realize they do not measure up in the penis department it can have a profound impact on them psychologically. This is ground zero for the small penis humiliation many men find to be erotic and appealing. So how does it all begin?


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  1. bambiegirl · · Reply

    I’ve stated earlier that my erection is full at 2.75 inches. My Domme had me measure it for her after she told me it looks seven inches. When I said that it’s not she had me prove it.
    I believe she knew it was not 7 inches but that making me measure it opened the door to humiliation. Once she saw how little it is she used all kinds of adjectives to describe it’s smallness. I was sitting excited that the moment she took a picture of it, I prematurely ejaculated. This led to more humiliation.
    My first wife did not care about my size, she didn’t like sex anyway.
    For me humiliation goes back to my teens when boys and girls made fun of me and made me show others how small I am. I used to masturbate in front of them. The laughing took me over the edge in less than a minute.
    When I married my Domme three years ago it was with the understanding that intercourse would not happen for me, orgasms are limited to once or twice a year. She , on the other hand has many per week.
    At times she’ll have me wear a strapon and she reminds me strapon spelled backwards is “noparts” which is what I have. She’ll also use it on my boy pussy.
    She has told all our friends how small I am and when they doubt I’m that small she has me prove it.
    Most of the males call me tiny, while the ladies call me Quickdraw or sissy. As a result I’m in a perpetual horny state.
    I’m no longer jealous as her ex-husband spends hours in the master bedroom with Her. He is nine inches and very satisfying for her.


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