Understanding Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation – Part2

Why Men Want Small Penis Humiliation

This is part II of the series – please read part I here.

Women who are married to, or in a relationship with men who are small-endowed may have stumbled upon the term Small Penis Humiliation or its acronym (SPH) but have no idea what it is or why it’s appealing to so many lesser endowed men.  So, what is small penis humiliation? Small penis humiliation is loosely defined as a man who gains sexual arousal when his wife or girlfriend makes derogatory comments about the size of his penis (length and/or girth) and his inability to satisfy his woman sexually and/or being compared unfavorably to other men who are better-endowed.


At the outset, let’s draw an important and clear distinction between small penis humiliation and what I prefer to call small penis teasing/sexual honesty.  If you do any research on small penis humiliation, you will undoubtedly find a whole array of things it might include, some of which are very extreme.  Like all fetishes there are healthy and less healthy versions. But, this explanation should help to clarify why small penis humiliation has such a negative connotation to it.

Let’s look first at small penis teasing/sexual honesty.  Think about it this way.  If your man has a small penis and you both know it, is it humiliating to tell him he is small?  The answer is no, not at all, it’s the truth.  How can it be humiliating to tell someone the truth?  It might taboo to tell him that, and it might not even be politically correct, but if it excites him, there is nothing wrong with telling him the truth.   Similarly, if you are watching an adult movie and you see a man who is much better endowed than your husband, is it humiliating to tell him that?  Not if it’s true. Or, what if you need or simply want to include a larger dildo in your lovemaking. Is that humiliating for your husband?  Not if you have good sexual honesty and communication it isn’t.

Now, let’s look at the extremes of small penis humiliation. Instead of calling his penis small or little, what if you told him it resembled a clit more than a penis is that humiliating?  Yes, that’s probably over the top.  What if you wanted him to wear panties is that humiliating and degrading?  Yes.  Is making your man parade nude in front of your girlfriends exposing his small penis humiliating?  Yes of course.  Is denying him sex because he is too small to satisfy you humiliating?  Yes.  These are all examples of more extreme forms of small penis humiliation that could rightly be considered emasculating and humiliating.  Still, some men are even drawn to these extremes.

There are very distinct differences between the two explanations provided above.  This article will focus on small penis teasing/sexual honesty, and is not an endorsement of it, but will attempt to explain why it holds such a powerful appeal for so many small endowed men.  In fact, it should also be pointed out that there are even some men of average and even above average endowments who enjoy small penis humiliation.


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  1. bambiegirl · · Reply

    She knows I’m small and I know I’m small but it dies humiliate me when she points it out. She makes me wear panties all the time, I have no man undies. She shows pics of my smallness to other friends. She denies me intercourse and controls my orgasms with denial. I have had two last year and none this year.
    Plus she enjoys large penis on manly men. I think we practice humiliation and I love it.


    1. How exactly do you practice humiliation? I might do a future post about it. Would you be interested in writing a gust post, maybe?


      1. bambiegirl · ·

        Sure, let me know


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  3. […] is part II of the series – please read part I here, and part II here, and part III […]


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