How Small Is A Small Penis? What Qualifies As A Small Penis?

How many of you will admit that you’re obsessed with your penis size?  OK, I’ll raise my hand and be the first to admit it.  I’m fascinated by penis size.  Most of us measure and compare our penises constantly. As we all know, there are endless statistical studies in reference to the “average” penis size, and I posted links to several of those early on in this blog. The problem with most of the “studies” I have seen is they usually contain some methodological flaw(s) rendering their results invalid and meaningless. Internet or “self-reported” polls are notoriously unreliable. Small sample size or limited demographic polls are also unreliable. The condom poll taken during spring break was interesting and yielded an average size of 5 ¾”, but it was a poll of only 300 or so volunteers but how many small endowed guys would even volunteer to take part in such a study?


Very few I assume.  And then, there are those “average range” comments from some “experts” who maintain that “90% of all guys have penises between 5 – 7 inches.”  If you have a 5 inch penis does that make you feel good knowing a 7 inch penis would dwarf yours and is about 30% longer?  I’m guessing it probably doesn’t make you feel all that good. Like you, I have seen literally dozens of polls, but they just don’t seem very reliable.  Does anybody know of a truly reliable poll out there?  If so, what about it makes you feel it’s reliable?

In any event, in talking with many of you out there who self-identify yourselves as having a small penis, those of us who are small (or feel we’re small) seem to fall into one of four categories as follows:

  • Group A: Small Length, Small Girth: Some of us are well below average in both length and girth according to all published penis size statistical studies. For us, it’s indisputable, we have small penises and there is no doubt. (Just for the record, yes, I’m in this category)


  • Group B: The “In-Between”: Some guys have a penis size length of 5” – 5 ½”. This can be a perplexing group to be in because according to some penis size statistics you would be average, while other “studies” would say you’re small. So which is it? Are you small or are you average? This can obviously be a very confusing group to be in because of conflicting studies, but most of the guys I have spoken to who are in this group, self-identify themselves as having small penises.


  • Group C: The Pencil Dick: As discussed in a previous post, another very perplexing group to be in is the Pencil Dick group. You might be average or even above average in length, but below average in girth, and thus guys in this category also maintain they have small penises.


  • Group D: “Average”: Those in this group would definitely be of average (and possibly slightly above average size) in any statistical study. Unfortunately for them, it’s possible their wives or girlfriends have had other sexual experiences with males who are well above average, so their “average” partners feel small even though they aren’t small by definition. Consequently, there are many “average” sized men who also insist they have small penises.

So here are a few questions:

(1)  What group are you (or your partner) in?

(2)  Do you think small endowed men are more obsessed with the average penis size than guys with big cocks?

(3)  What do you (personally) believe “qualifies” as a small penis measurement?

Please feel free to contribute! I look forward to your responses.

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  1. bambiegirl · · Reply

    Well I belong to group A. My erection is 2.75 inches , which is about 7 centimeters.
    We do gaze, gawk, and wonder at those big long, thick penis. I think it’s amazing how they swing side to side. All mine does is bounce on top of my scrotum.
    For me anything 4 inches or shorter is small. I love looking at 7 or better.
    Most women I know rather have men between 5 and 7 inches.


  2. 1. Group B here (5 1/2″ and 5 1/4″ around).

    2. Yes, to include myself.

    3. I think anything <6 is small.


    1. True!

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  3. 1.) mine is 4.5 but very slim
    2.) i am not obsessed with mine . i have no control over it! i have a high risk job and so when i am home…i am ready for my feminine side to come out..keep my clittie in panties! wife and i both prefer a more feminine style of lovemaking anyway
    3.) whats small?…i know mine is especially girth wise..i think less than 6 inches and most women want some thickness to whatever size you have…we use a vibe we named Max…he is big and thick

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    1. Great comment – can elaborate more on “feminine style of lovemaking”?


  4. Definitely, in the first group. 1.2 inches long and doesn’t get hard anymore. If anyone is remotely interested, I can send a pic privately, just ask.

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    1. Hmm, that’s really _crass_! Would you, maybe, interested in writing more about this? I mean, your experiences, or how cope with it?

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  5. I coped with it when my wife helped me face it and I learned to embrace the qualities and skills I’m really good at. My wife loves me as I am, her telling me I can’t satisfy her sexually is not cruel because it’s true. Sorry if I seemed crass, not sure how I conveyed that attitude. I love this blog!

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  6. Sean · · Reply

    I’m 6 ” hard and I think I’m small because my wife has had big cock lovers in the past,when I am cold it can be as little as 1 1/2 “I seen a guy looking at my cold small penis,and he dropped his towel and this huge cock was swinging,and I thought of my wife opening her ass at him and I got a rock hard cock,I told him what I was thinking and he said he would love to see my wife’s ass,so I got my phone out and let him look at all the pictures and videos of my hotwife and I naked, he took the phone into a toilet and stole pictures of my wife,he got me to hold the phone so he could wank with two hands and then he shot cum allover my wife’s bumhole picture on my phone and on me ,so when he left I started to lick my phone…


    1. … we all are like that. Have you checked out the guide yet?


  7. Sean · · Reply

    That night when I checked my phone he had sent videos and pics to my wife of his huge cock, and told her he was watching my wife open her bumhole and playing with her little tits and he wanted to fuck her with his huge cock.


    1. … how did it end?


  8. TrickieDickee · · Reply

    I can vary from slightly under to slightly over 5 inches depending on the strength of my erection. So I suppose that puts me in that grey area of low average. And yet I do obsess about penis size, and I am in awe of large penises – I have genuine admiration for them and I even get a thrill out of feeling “outclassed” sexually when in the presence of a really big one, or even hearing about one.

    Its odd being in the grey zone because most of my lovers have been completely satisfied but I have also been openly told by others that I am small compared to what they are used to. I even have had girls make it clear that they don’t want a repeat performance because it’s not up to their expectations (although they haven’t said exactly why, it’s been pretty obvious).

    The weirdest part of all is that sometimes I fantasize about how it would feel to be huge, other times I fantasize about being much smaller than I am, just so I can experience the humiliation and inferiority even more acutely.

    My current partner is black and has had huge black lovers before (I’m white btw), including ones double my own size (length and girth). She is starting to understand how much the comparison gets me off and now teasing is becoming a regular part of our sex life, which is GREAT!


    1. hot ! thanks for the comment! I’d like to read more of that…


  9. I am in Group A. A rock solid 4.5″. As a teenager, I remember looking at my first porn mags thinking one day I would be as big as the male models and fucking females in random positions. Adulthood can be a real slap in the face! :). Due to my size and lack of stamina, I am left to oral stimulation and using a dildo to give my wife the size she deserves.. 😉 However, I would not trade any thing…love being small…if that makes sense.

    Yes, but in terms of bigger men giving our wife’s the sexual pleasure they deserve. For me…not sure if it has to do with my penis size, but I am very sexually submissive and am focused on my wife’s sexual pleasure. Maybe cause I knowI am lack penis size, I feel like I need to keep her happy in other ways. However, recently am know interested in her just cuckolding me. I think I have accepted my sexual place and know she deserves the real thing from an Alpha male.

    I believe less than 5″ fully erect “qualifies” as a small penis measurement.


    1. Absolutely!


  10. TrickieDickee · · Reply

    I’d be happy to tell you and your other readers more about it if you like but not sure of the correct forum… Do you have a section where people can share their experiences generally or is it just q and a? I really enjoy the freedom to talk about this publicly!


    1. No, aboslutely – you can also send me a guest post to share your story – do you want to do this? My mail is:


  11. My wife thinks I’m small so I’m small for all practical purposes.
    Regarding statistics I think in addition to sampling bias, even measurements taken directly by the investigating scientists must be subject to high variability due to the use of stretched length data or artificially induced erection measurements. Also how hard do you press for bone pressed measurements?
    This all leads to a rather inexact inference of the population mean and median values from the sample data such that a point estimate of the median size of 5.16 inches in one study lies in an interval which might cover the true median size providing the sampling and statistical model assumptions hold up to scrutiny. That interval was if memory is not to hazy between 4.7 and 5.8 inches.
    Personally I have trouble believing that 5.16 inches can be close to the true population median. My erect penis is betwen 4.7 and 5 inches depending on how fat I am and the pressure I apply to the ruler against my pubic bone. Non bone pressed I am 4.5 inches. I was the smallest guy in my year at school. I played sport and saw a lot of dicks that were nearly always noticebly bigger than mine. Indeed other small guys used to express their delight that they wern’t the smallest guy in the changing room. My wife confirms that I am the smallest partner she has been with by a noticeable margin, and was the smallest penis she had ever seen at the time we met. She laughed when I suggested I might not be far short of average.
    I would bet that the true population median is closer to six inches, perhaps slightly larger. I suspect that the variability in measurement methodology and technique may be under measuring many guys out of fear of doing them an injury or at least causing discomfort. I can see some standardisation of measurement methodology being acheivable for bone pressed measurements, but getting a decent representative sample and have them present fully charged erections to order is a more challenging prospect!


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