Women – Have you told Your Girlfriends?

Ladies, how many of you have discussed penis size with your girlfriends?   If you are married to a man with a small penis, have you told any of your girlfriends the truth about his small endowment?    If so, what was their reaction?  How did it make you feel to admit that your husband didn’t measure up in the penis department?  Were you embarrassed?  Did you feel better at least being able to admit it to someone?  Did it turn you on to divulge your “little” secret?


In turn, if your girlfriend(s) admitted to you that their husbands were very well-endowed, how did it make you feel?  Were you envious; were you jealous that they had a man who measured up while you didn’t?  Or did it have no effect at all?

Lastly, if you have discussed your husband’s small penis size with your girlfriend(s), have you confessed to your husbands that you have revealed his “little” secret?    If so, what was his reaction?  Was he pissed off?  Excited?  If you haven’t told him, why not?


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  1. my wife has confessed to me she has shared with 2 other nurses at work! both thought it was hot to be open but i know them since she has 12 years in ER and as a firefighter i do come in ER with patients and it did at first but now i dont care..i have no control over my penis (clit) size! i am my wife’s female lover. i am a panty wearer also.didn’t ask her if she told them that. nurses must be open because about a year ago she came home excited and told me i wasn’t the only sissy clit in panties. Marsha’s husband kept his little weenie in panties. Nothing surprises me! i am fine with SPH from wife. i actually love slipping my clittie in panties after work and having a feminine side. firefighting and rescue takes a toll on me so in our house i am simply her chic. as my wife says, “clits belong in panties!”

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    1. Absolutely – it’s great to hear about this.


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