Small Penis Humiliation and the Taboo: Big Penis Envy

One of the nice things to having your own blog is you can write about any topics that you want.  Well, there is a very taboo and seldom discussed topic about small penis humiliation that must be discussed.  In fact, it even transcends small penis humiliation and extends to a lot of men – though they would be quick to deny it.  What is it?  We like looking at cocks –especially big ones.  In a previous post on cuckolding, I referenced Dr. Sue’s radio broadcast, and in it she gave an interesting view on penis envy:   “Guys with average or small penises look in awe at the bigger guys. No, it doesn’t make them gay. It’s because it’s something they don’t have but they are fascinated by them.” I totally agree with that statement.


I think her point about it “doesn’t make them gay” is especially important.  We live in a homophobic society, and for a guy to admit that he likes looking at cocks, or worse yet, that he thinks a guy has a nice looking cock, is very taboo indeed.  It’s like we have a double standard in society.  A woman can look admiringly at another woman and can even say out loud, “God, I wish had her tits, body, etc.,” and that is not only ok, it seems quite natural. Nobody gives that a second thought.   But for a guy to admit that another guy has a great looking cock is for some reason, unacceptable.  It’s simply a double standard.

So, ok, let me come out and admit it.  I’m married, and straight, but personally, I find other guys cocks fascinating.  Like breasts, they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, etc.   Because I’m very small endowed, I’m particularly fascinated by the big ones and it’s because it’s something I don’t have.

What kind of emotions and thoughts go through the mind of a small endowed man when he sees a big penis?  I can’t speak for all small endowed men of course, but I can tell you what I think.  I experience an instant flood of emotions.  First, I’m in complete awe. A big cock represents raw, masculine power, and I know I can’t possibly compete with something like that.  There is also the undeniable feeling of penis envy.  I envy men who have big penises and I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to admit it.  I wonder, “What would it be like to have something like that between my legs, even for one day?”  When I’m confronted with them face-to-face like in a locker room, other emotions also surface.   Sometimes there is a feeling of intimidation. What can be more intimidating that standing next to a guy whose penis is more than double your size?  This feeling is usually accompanied with a feeling of submissiveness.  It’s almost as if we both instinctively know, without a word being said, who the dominant, alpha male is and who the submissive, beta male is.

Here is another very taboo thing to say:  Looking at big cocks arouses us.  Yes, we can get amazing erections just looking at photos or videos of them.  You might say, “Isn’t this proof that the guy is gay or at the least bi-sexual?”  The answer to that question is, not at all.  As was said in the radio broadcast, “It’s a sexual turn on for him knowing that this big guy can give his wife something he can’t.”  We think and fantasize about a bigger cock pleasuring our wives constantly because it excites us.

In a way, looking at photos or videos of well-endowed men also serves as a form of small penis humiliation in and of itself for us.  This is especially true if we don’t have a wife or partner who shares our enthusiasm for small penis humiliation.  But with or without a willing partner, it can still serve as a wonderful masturbatory interlude for us. Yes, when we look at a photo of a huge cock, our little cocks stiffen immediately.  It’s almost as if our little cocks are straining to become as large as the image we are looking at, but of course it’s impossible to measure up. We wonder how much longer it is than our own penis?  Is it 2” larger?  Could it be 3” maybe 5” longer than ours?  And, how much thicker is it?  The greater the disparity in size, the more intense the feeling is of small penis humiliation and the resulting orgasm that follows is explosive and amazing.

Do any of you small endowed men experience similar thoughts?  And, for the women out there, does any of this surprise you?

Note:  It’s not my intent to make this a porno site and to flood it with photos of men with huge or small full erections.    I’m only including this photo of a flaccid cock to illustrate a point.  In my opinion, this guy has one of the nicest looking cocks I have ever seen.  Hanging limp, it’s still around 6+ inches long, so yes, it’s long but not too long.  It’s also thick, but not overly thick.  It looks perfectly proportioned.   He has big balls and a full bush which makes it very masculine looking.  Would any woman kick him out of bed?

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  1. worshippinggoddessnina · · Reply

    Hi. My wife is looking over my shoulder as write….I used to be a complete homophobe to the extent that I’d close my eyes if there were ever a closeup of a dick in a porno. Once my wife pointed out how small I was and how useless I was to her, and how much she enjoyed big cocks, I became fascinated like you, with size and girth. When I see a huge dick I think of how far inside my wife it can go, how hard she’ll cum and all the incredible positions the two of them can enjoy. Since my recent “conversion” I’ve even enjoy sucking and deepthroating them as a service to my wife or her boyfriends. You’re very right-it becomes the embodiment of how low down in the food chain I am, how submissive I am to Nina and to her hung lovers and how my preferences dont matter compared to hers. I serve in any way that I can, to please her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the spirit ! Can you give us some more details from relationship ? Ie how many lovers Nina has etc.


      1. worshippinggoddessnina · ·

        Nina has 2 regular guys that she sees and then a few one night stands. Also Shawn has some friends that have used her too, so she’s been with maybe 7 other guys including 2 regulars?


      2. worshippinggoddessnina · ·

        What other details for the relationship are you looking for?


  2. bambiegirl · · Reply

    Ah yes, I knew I was small during my early teens when I saw my friends getting longer and thicker and I stayed that same with my 2.75 inch erection. When they started dating and fucking girls we would double date. The girl I was with never would fuck me after she groped my crotch. They ask, where is it. My male friends started making fun of me and I’d get hard. Eventually just seeing their erection would make me melt like butter and beg for their cock. I’d suck them off. They had cocks from 6 inches to 9 inches. They loved my free blowjobs especially when they didn’t get any pussy.
    I didn’t get my first taste of pussy until I was 35. So I married her. In no time I became Her submissive and cuckold. I still am but with a new wife .


  3. QuickShooter · · Reply

    I’ll admit it too, I get extremely aroused by looking at big cocks. The reason I’ve never thought of at as gay is that I don’t think it’s the cock itself that arouses me, it’s what it’s able to achieve that does that. As you said a big cock will be able to do things that a smaller one will never be able too and the arousal that’s caused by acknowledging this is just a manifestation of sexual competitiveness.


    1. Absolutely!


  4. wayne · · Reply

    Its amazing how there are actual fetishes for what i go through everyday as a small dick black man. I get humiliated in various ways frequently. All the feelings describes come up when i see anotha black dude whose dick soft is bigger than mine hard…Theyre even more intense when small dick jokes and puns get thrown my way…alllllllll the time


    1. Wayne, I feel like I know that story!


  5. wayne · · Reply

    All of these feelings are twice as strong when youre a small dick black man. I get humiliated so much and dont even have to ask for it


    1. Yes!


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