How To Start In The Cuckold Life – Part I

Creating a Cuckold Fantasy World

So, what do you do if you realize you don’t want to dismiss his interest out-of-hand, but you’re also not quite ready to jump into extra-marital relationships either?  The third option is for you to create a cuckolding fantasy land for your husband.  You can completely cuckold your husband through fantasy alone without ever having sex with another man and it can be almost as erotic for both of you.  You can weave this erotic fantasy web for your husband easily and without a lot of effort.

Develop an Understanding of Cuckolding:  If you have read this far, you already have an idea of some of the major elements that drive men to want to become cuckolds, and you may be a little curious yourself.  So, educate yourself, and immerse yourself in the cuckolding culture.   Do a little research on the subject or read a few books with cuckolding or hot wife themes.  Engage your husband in a discussion about male competition, and the biological need for women to want/need to mate with multiple male partners, etc.  Your interest will be a major turn on for your cuckold.   So in creating your Cuckold fantasy world, you can include anything you like.  The key is to include many components as often as possible so your cuckold truly feels like one.  Here some examples of things you could include:

Cuckold Your Husband:  First and foremost, even though you’re exploring this as a fantasy, make sure to let your husband know you are cuckolding him.  Be emphatic about it and emphasize to him that your relationship is changing.  All you need to do is to define what the rules are and let him know and he will follow them.  This doesn’t mean you can walk all over him nor should you.  Cuckolds are not wimps nor are they losers, but once you establish you’re cuckolding him, he will become more focused on the relationship and acutely aware of your needs.  The submissive-dominant equation can also be an interesting dynamic.  You may fantasize about selectively losing control with other more sexually dominant partners who can tap into your submissive tendencies.  However, when you’re with your cuckold who cannot make you feel sexually submissive, you naturally become the dominant sexual partner.  Cuckolding your husband can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done.  He will satisfy any sexual cravings you have, and be happy to do anything you want inside or outside the bedroom.  And of course, he will love you unconditionally.

Acknowledge Your Cuckold:  Nothing will excite a cuckold more than to simply hear you refer to him as a cuckold.  It may seem strange to you, but it’s exhilarating for him to hear you verbalize it and also validates your acceptance of his reality.   The more you refer to him as a cuckold the better, and it doesn’t have to take place just in the bedroom.  Hearing you refer to him as a cuckold in normal day-to-day conversation will thrill him to no end.

“Hot Wife/Cuckoldress” Wardrobe:   Your cuckold will view you as a “Hot Wife” or “Cuckoldress.”  He is super turned on by you, so embrace the role.  Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some new, sexy clothes and lingerie.  Or better yet, take your cuckold with you and make him buy you these things! J  Dress provocatively and sexy whenever you can.  Not just during the day, but at night too.  Lose the baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts and start wearing sexy nightgowns or lingerie at night.  Go the gym and work out, and watch what you eat.  Remember, you want to send a signal to your husband that you have changed.  Once you start looking like a hot wife, you will become one, and when you do, your husband will notice but so will other men, and the result will be to increase your sexual confidence.

The Bracelet:  Do you really want to send your cuckold over the edge?  Buy and wear “the bracelet.”  What’s that?  For those in the know, an ankle bracelet worn on the right ankle has become the universal emblem of the “Hot Wife.”  It can also mean the woman is in a cuckolding relationship.  It signifies the wife’s availability for sex with other men and encourages those men familiar with it to approach her, even if she is with her husband.  You can wear one when you go out on a date, or, you can even wear one when you go out with the girls.  Since not every woman who wears an ankle bracelet is aware of its significance, you can always get away with telling anyone who asks that it’s simply jewelry and has no significance to you.   But, for the husband who is aware of its significance, he will probably be masturbating five minutes after you leave home for a night out with the girls!


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  1. Another great post, really enjoying this view into the cuckolding world


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  3. Judi · · Reply

    Wonderful information for the couple just beginning in a cuckold relationship. Communication is the key. Letting him know your desires is important. If your husband loves you he will want to see you happy in sexual bliss. This is you chance to let him know you need more that what he can provide. But let him understand that you need him to be there for you, this way he feels involved in your sexual explorations. The biggest sexual organ is the brain so it is only natural that if you begin calling him a cuckold he will begin to accept his fate. I remember using the word “cuckold” as though I was calling him honey. Allowing him to go shopping with me, to choose clothing for my dates, he really got into it as I held clothes up and asked “what do you think cuckold?” Shopping he enjoyed as he liked picking out sexy things for me to wear. We also got matching ankle bracelets his indicating “cuckold” and mine indicating “cuckoldress.”
    Good luck to future couples interested in a cuckold relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great comment!


    2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Steve Jackson · · Reply

    This is what happened to me several years ago. I new my wife desired more from a man and finally consented to her taking a lover. Now she regularly has flings with mostly black men but i have to admit, it turns me on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hot! Tell us more…


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