Is Your Husband A Potential Cuckold?

Is your husband a potential cuckold? (+ easy method to find out at the end)

If your husband is underendowed and you suspect he could be a cuckold but not sure, try this test.  Wait until you’re in bed at night and ask him the following questions:

  • Does the thought of me being with another man excite you?
  • Does it excite you that I know you have a small cock?
  • Does it turn you on when I tell you have a small cock?
  • Do you feel the need to try harder to compensate for your small dick size?
  • Would it turn you on if you knew I had told one my girlfriends you were a cuckold?
  • Does the thought of another man’s bigger cock winning out over your small one excite you?

If your man says yes to at least three of the above questions, you could probably cuckold him easily.  If he says yes to all of the above, and his mini member becomes raging stiff, have no doubt, your husband is a complete cuckold and would love nothing more than to be cuckolded by you.

What’s a woman to do if her husband is a cuckold?

Well, if your husband is a cuckold, it’s certainly not the end of the world.   Believe it or not there are many benefits to women married to cuckolds.  Cuckolds are undyingly faithful, attentive to their wives and will please them in any way they can.  They consider their wives to be extremely attractive and are also very committed to you and your marriage. What married woman wouldn’t want a husband who was so attentive and dedicated to her needs?

If he is a cuckold, remember, as described above, his journey there wasn’t easy for him.  He has gone through a lot of mental gymnastics and probably struggled even telling you.  Being a cuckold is not a passing fancy.   There is a saying, “once a cuckold, always a cuckold” which speaks to the power and intensity it has for them.    So, what do you do?  First of all, learn what a cuckold is, and what makes them tick.  Do some independent research on your own about cuckolding and talk with him about it.  Ask him questions.  He will be thrilled you at least have an interest in it.


If a woman finds out her husband is a cuckold, she can react in one of three ways.  Some women just can’t handle it.  They might choose to ignore it or worse yet, belittle the cuckold because of a perceived negative connotation associated with the term.  This is probably the worst possible thing a woman could do.  If your husband has been open with you to the point he would reveal something as personal as this, the last thing you should do is to dismiss it out of hand.  But, the reality is, it still may not be for you.

The second option is obvious.  You now have complete freedom to engage in sexual experimentation – with your husband’s full knowledge, approval and encouragement.   A cuckold believes his wife is entitled to have sex with other men, so if you have ever wanted, or were curious to experience something new but hesitated for whatever reason, this is definitely the time to try it.  But, make sure you discuss the parameters of your new, cuckolding relationship with your partner up-front.  It could be a very exciting and rewarding time for both of you.  Women considering cuckolding often ask, “It sounds wonderful but so one-sided, what’s in it for him?”  Believe it or not, your cuckold will derive as much, or more mental stimulation as you will get through physical stimulation.  It’s a powerful aphrodisiac for a cuckold just knowing his wife has a lover.  For women, cuckolding can be just as addictive as it is for men.  Once a woman has experienced the sexual variety and freedom of having sex with other men in a cuckolding relationship, they will never give it up.  But, on the other hand, there is the potential for STD’s, the wife developing an emotional attachment to her new lover, etc.  These are very real concerns that should be thought through very carefully.  It’s not that they can’t be overcome, but it would not be wise to ignore or underestimate the risks.

Bonus: Find it out by watching some films…

How about watching a nice film? If you want to find out whether your husband fantasises about getting cuckolded, maybe you want to watch some films with him— especially such films which have nice, hot references to a sexy hotwife living the life and hubby gets to stand i the corner and watch …

Now you’re asking: Which films could be an idea for this? Easy, I have a list for you and it’s a video on youtube…



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As a reaction to several mails I got, I published a 110 page book: “How to begin cuckolding” – I put all my experiences in this book, starting from 0 to become a successful cuckold…






  1. Another facinating post

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  2. bambiegirl · · Reply

    I became a cuckold basically on our honeymoon . She got tired of me slipping out and not satisfied. So She told me , and I knew, her ex-husband is well endowed. She and I already have a master/slave marriage so moving to be a cuckold is easy. BTW I answered yes to all of those questions. He visits several times a week as I serve them and prep their bed.I enjoy our lifestyle.

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  3. Judi · · Reply

    Right from the start my hubby asked me questions that made me thought he would be an excellent choice for cuckolding. I knew he was built small and he often asked me if I had guys bigger. He would mention names of guys we both knew but I never told him who. He would often ask me about my girlfriend, who was the wife of a friend of his, and if a three way was ever thought of. I believe he wanted to be exposed as a small penis cuckold. I noticed how excited he got when I would whisper in ear, during sex, about the bigger cocks I experienced or the bisexual experiences I had with my girlfriends.
    I knew exposing him to cuckolding is what he desired and I wasn’t about not to help him with his desires.
    He loved being involved in selecting a date for me as much as he enjoyed watching. As time went by and he watched I noticed he tried not to touch himself but enjoyed cumming, hands free, in his white boy briefs. It was easy to get him to submit to chastity and have him sit, next to the bed, so he was only an arms length away..
    It was exposing his chastity to girlfriends that they gave me the indication that they wanted to see him in a panty. The first time he watch my girlfriend and I share a bed he was wearing a panty that she bought him. While caged and in a panty he managed to soak his panty while watching. We both laid there laughing at him and I could see the humiliation on his face. Afterwards, once my girlfriend had left, and I unlocked his caged he told me how hot it was when we were laughing at him. He managed to get his little penis hard and fucked me.
    Over the years we have experienced highs and lows but my little cuckold has grown to love our lifestyle.

    Thank you so much for your well written blogs.

    Mistress Judi and Sissy Mishel

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    1. This is why I run this blog!


    2. very hot!!


      1. Thanks 😉

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  4. Kristy27 · · Reply

    Is all I ask, is that just once, even if for only ten minutes, is to see my beautiful and sexy wife having sex with a black man.


    1. Did you talk with her about it? Does she know?


  5. Kevin · · Reply

    My wife knows I want her to cuckold me. We have been married for 15 years. I have a small penis and love small penis humiliation. It’s been a part of our sex life for a long time, pictures videos and verbal humiliation because it really turns me on. She has said she would cuckold me but it just never seems to happen. She is really hot but it’s hard to make it happen.


    1. Wow, I’ve been there – have you checked out the guide yet?


  6. Kevin · · Reply

    Yes, I think I’ll have her read it


    1. Tell me how it went .. maybe she needs time?


  7. Enjoyed the questions and thought you might be interested in this link. It touches on some of the same issues.

    Thank you for your thoughtful, well-written work.


    1. Thanks for the compliment!


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