Part 4: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World

Please read part I here, and part II here. Part III (penis size and cuckoldry) is here.

I concluded in part 3 of this series, that “Dr. Lewis also found out that 71% of the cuckolds interviewed like to be reminded that their wife’s lover’s penis is larger.”


Nothing personifies this better than the article, “Take My Wife PleaseThe Rise of the Cuckolding Culture by Kai Ma.  This article describes the adventures of a middle age couple, Kurt and Christina.  Kurt is well built and possesses an above average 7 inch cock, but the couple both get off on Christina’s larger lovers.   Her current lover, Claudio, she describes as “Huge” 10 inches long and considerably thicker than Kurt.  In the same matter-of-fact tone that she uses to describe Claudio’s generous package, she says, “Claudio is hitting spots in me that Kurt isn’t.” Kurt nods in agreement, adding, “He fills her up. I love watching her react to his bigger dick because I can’t provide her that.”  The men they select need to exemplify masculinity in ways that Kurt cannot. He needs to be not only better endowed, but also alpha enough to make Kurt feel small, both physically and psychologically.  Kurt is turned on by the fact that the bull has a larger penis and his wife craves that.  He can personify the beta male role; even eroticize it, because he knows he’s not inherently inferior to other men.   As an alpha male in life, Kurt’s bedside compliance also serves as a refuge from his competitive, high-strung personality. “This is the one area in life where I can choose to be submissive.

A woman who is in the lifestyle as a cuckoldress put it more bluntly:

“There is nothing like having sex with an Alpha male who is aggressive, dominant, and confident and has a long, thick cock.  Believe me; your marriage will change…once you get more than the four inches your husband can offer you.”

There is even an Internet website which caters to people looking specifically to connect with well-endowed partners.   The ad database section for straight women looking for well-endowed straight men contained over 1,000 ads.  What is astonishing is more than half (57%) of the ads placed were from married women.

Even though not all women embrace the bigger is better philosophy it’s obvious many do.  So, it shouldn’t be a shock to women to discover a cuckold husband assumes bigger is better, and he is more than happy to encourage his wife to have the experience.

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