Part 3: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World – Penis size & cuckoldry

Please read part I here, and part II here.

How Does Penis Size Influence Cuckoldry?

One of the myths of cuckolding is that only men with small penises gravitate to the lifestyle.   By virtue of the definition of what a cuckold is, it would be a natural assumption to assume that all or most cuckolds have small penises.

But is it true?


Surprisingly, cuckolding doesn’t appear to be the exclusive domain of lesser-endowed men.   Dr. Angela Lewis an Australian researcher collected surveys from 486 cuckolds, 680 cuckold fantasists (men who fantasize about being cuckolded) and 229 cuckoldresses (the wives of cuckolds) and the results are fascinating.  While defining penis sizes as Small (Under 5 inches), Average (5 – 7 inches) and Large (Over 7 inches), cuckolds, cuckold fantasists and cuckoldresses responded to the question, what is your penis size (or for Cuckoldress that of your husband) as follows:

Penis Size

Cuckold Fantasist


Cuckoldress (Husbands Size)

Small (Under 5”)




Average (5” – 7”)




Large 7” +




To be clear, cuckolding is more a state of mind than a penis measurement to be sure, but regardless of their size, one very interesting common denominator is they overwhelming want their wives to be with larger men than they are.  And cuckoldresses likewise prefer their lovers to be larger than their husbands.   Dr. Lewis also found out that 71% of the cuckolds interviewed like to be reminded that their wife’s lover’s penis is larger.


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  1. I would have thought the feeling of humiliation, the wife being pleasurd would be enhanced by the other man being larger in one way or another, but not exclusively so. Thought provoking post as always


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