Part 2: A Woman’s Guide to Creating a Cuckolding Fantasy World

Please read part I here.

If anyone doubts the popularity of this lifestyle consider this.   At cuckoldfantasies com they have approximately 75 “mistresses” listed who specialize in the cuckold fetish.  And this is just one website.  There are dozens upon dozens of these websites sprouting up.  For there to be so many websites devoted to cuckolding, there has to be a demand.  The primary reason for this is obvious, there are a lot of men with this interest who feel uncomfortable (or embarrassed) to talk to their wives about it.  Despite this, their interest in cuckolding is so intense and undeniable they feel compelled to talk to someone who understands what they’re feeling.  In talking to these “mistresses,” cuckolds and those interested in cuckolding, believe they are getting something their wives may not or cannot provide.


Cuckolding in reality is not for everyone.  Even for those who are interested in the lifestyle and feel they have good communication and a strong relationship may choose not to do it in reality for a variety of reasons.  A safe middle-ground is creating a cuckold fantasy world which allows couples to explore the lifestyle without complicating their day-to-day lives.  It also gives them a chance to enhance their relationship by removing the routine vanilla sex and replacing it with a much more erotic, intense and exciting relationship.

If you’re a woman reading this, you should also understand the role of the penis in cuckoldry.  Men are obsessed with their penises, a fact most women probably already know.  But what do women think about it?  Without going into a statistical analysis, suffice it to say some women are unabashed size queens and will admit it, while some are closet size queens, but wouldn’t admit it openly.  Some women are “size curious” and may or may not act on their curiosity.   Some prefer an average penis – not too big or too small, while some actually have a preference for a small penis.  Of course some women don’t have a preference at all and can’t understand the whole male obsession over penis size.  Regardless of where you fit on this size preference continuum, if you are the least bit interested in cuckolding, you need to become familiar with this male obsession and why it plays a central role in cuckolding.


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As a reaction to several mails I got, I published a 110 page book: “How to begin cuckolding” – I put all my experiences in this book, starting from 0 to become a successful cuckold…





  1. An interesting post about a subject I know little about, very enjoyable

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  2. Congrats on the book!


    1. Thank you!


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