Married Women and Small Endowed Husbands

Here is a question summarized from an earlier post.  How many of you women out there have openly admitted to your man that he has a small penis?  If so, what was his reaction?  Was he excited, depressed, or seemed to have no reaction?


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  1. bambiegirl · · Reply

    My wife found out I was small the first time she saw it. She laughed and measured it. When she found it to be 2.5 inches rock hard she laughed even more. We have been married 2 1/2 years now and we had intercourse one time, on our honeymoon. She refuses to let me enter her anymore. She permits my tongue only and She has several dildos most She uses on me. Only one is reserved for Her. Her outlet is now being satisfied by Her ex-husband. His penis is over 8 inches hard. When flaccid it is still longer than me hard.

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    1. Wow – that’s really great!


  2. pantiewearer · · Reply

    How often do I Masturbate?

    Considering that my penis is 1” flaccid, 2.5” erect, and I have not had sexual intercourse with my wife in nine years, I usually think about masturbating every hour of the day. Because of my penis size, my wife and I agreed for me to start wearing women’s panties about 15 years ago. The wearing of panties every day, all day is a stimuli that keeps my sissy little dick semi erect. On most days of the week, I usually masturbate at least once before noon. I keep my sissy dick and tiny balls shaved smooth every morning prior to taking a shower. The shaving arouses my sissy dick enough that I can usually cum within 2-3 minutes in the shower after soaping up. As the day wears on and depending whom I chat with on line I will masturbate 1-2 times more that day. I cum very quickly and I often eat my own cum. Sometimes I am not sure whether I am addicted to masturbation or eating my salty cum. I love it equally. Therefore, the answer is at least 1-2 times a day.

    What is in my personal “Spank Bank”?

    My “Spank Bank” is an evolving arena. I obviously started with Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. The internet is a masturbator’s wonderland. I enjoy video clips of wives talking to their husbands while they are being fucked hard by a real man with a gorgeous 8”cock. I fantasize that I am that husband sitting in a chair watching and listening to my wife enjoying the sexual fulfillment that I cannot give her. I search for the videos that focus on the husband having a small cock and the wife belittles the husband’s sissy dick the entire time she is having numerous orgasms. These particular videos allow me to achieve an erection, albeit just 2.5”, and usually an orgasm in less than 3 minutes.

    Does your wife know you jack off and how much you do it?

    Yes, my wife does know that I “jack off”. We often masturbate together and race to the ultimate finish. She has the luxury of using a vibrator and usually has multiple orgasms, at least 4.


  3. worshippinggoddessnina · · Reply

    This is the Nina of my husband’s blog, worshippinggoddessnina….I wonder how typical this is…Early on in our marriage, I asked David how big he was and he said bigger than average, maybe 6.5-7″ and left it at that for years of unsatisfying sex. Then, when he became so subservient to me and would worship me naked, using an 8″ dildo to penetrate me, I saw how much bigger 8″ was than my husband. I pulled out my measuring tape and could barely reach 5″ completely erect and he can get so small when soft, he falls out of most chastity ages (maybe 1″ or so). Since then, I’ve teased about his wee little peenie or his weenis.

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    1. Hot story !


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