The Competition Advantage – Part 7: Competition and the Small Endowed Man

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Part VI is about penis size competition.


It’s a fact, not all men are created equal in penis size.  Chances are if you’re reading this paragraph, your husband has a small penis.  Whether or not you can use this to your advantage depends on your relationship with your man because you know him best.   Unless he is one of those men who is ashamed of his small penis and would be utterly paralyzed by the thought of you acknowledging it, you may have a golden opportunity before you.


Wives rarely capitalize on this because they simply don’t understand the dynamics of penis size to men.  Most women married to small endowed men usually refrain from pointing out their husband’s obvious lack of manhood, either because they are truly content with him, or, as mentioned above, are afraid to hurt his feelings.  But, there are a significant number of small endowed men who actually become very aroused at the mere thought their wives would acknowledge their “shortcomings.”  If your husband is one of those men who are turned on by the idea, then you need to point out the obvious to him, and do so frequently.  This will all make more sense shortly, so please bear with me and read on.

This may be a revelation to you, and you may be asking yourself the question, why would my husband want me to compare his underdeveloped penis with that of another male who is more substantially endowed?  Wouldn’t he be ashamed, embarrassed or even humiliated?  Surprisingly, the answer is quite the contrary; he may very well become incredibly aroused.  What’s even more fascinating is, the greater the size difference between your husband and the male you are comparing him to, the more aroused he becomes.  So, why is this seemingly odd behavior so appealing to your husband?  Remember, the biggest sexual organ is the brain.  Your husband already knows he has a small penis.  Maybe you know it too, but have never mentioned it to him before.   When you openly acknowledge to your husband that he has a small penis it can have a profound yet very positive effect on him.  If you are the least bit skeptical about this, I encourage you to try an experiment.  Find an opportunity to compare him with another man who is physically much larger.  Perhaps rent an X-rated flick, or watch an online adult video. This is where you might earn a “Best Actress” Oscar.  Even if his size is irrelevant to you, merely point out to him the obvious disparity between his mini member and another man’s much more impressive cock size.  Now if you really want to put him on edge, mention that his little penis size puts him at an obvious “competitive” disadvantage and/or that the other man’s larger cock is very attractive and appealing.  This will mentally launch him into competitive orbit.   What’s really fascinating is many men of average and even above average endowment have also reported being aroused hearing their wives acknowledge that other men were better endowed than they are.  But above all else, remember your husband wants to compete for you, and you liked it when he did right?  So, if you can recreate that competitive atmosphere for him –even if it’s illusionary, why not?  It’s not degrading him or emasculating his manhood if he is aroused by it and you find his reaction causes you to become aroused too.  Besides, there is nothing wrong with anything between two consenting adults if there is no harm involved, and you might find that you have your man eating out of your hand!

Speaking of X-rated movies, have you ever watched any with your husband?  If so, have you ever noticed how the sex that follows is usually off the charts and inspiring?   How your husband’s cock is harder and orgasms more intense? Perhaps you think that your husband is turned on by you, or the actresses, their bodies, incredible oral skills or whatever, and all of those may be true, but there is more to it than that.  Don’t think for a minute that your husband doesn’t notice the actor’s enormous cock, incredible staying power, and his amazing ability to satisfy a woman or multiple women.  He is also well aware that those realities haven’t been lost on you either.  He is probably hoping and fantasizing that you’re very turned on by them too.  He may not even realize it, but he is fantasizing that he’s competing with the male on screen.   As I mentioned above, if you want to ratchet up his excitement and performance to a whole new level, graphically praise the actor’s sexual “gifts,” and it will be like pouring gasoline on his fire of passion.

Dr. Cherry Hill describes the need for male competition this way.  “Women continually wonder why their husbands express a need for frequent comparison of their traits to those of other males.  Research suggests that men are motivated by the perception of a competitive landscape in which they are a contender for their wife’s affection.  Naturally, the husband recognizes his equivalent of the home field advantage (he has his wife’s heart), so the creation of a contrived competitive disadvantage [his small penis] levels the playing field and he will do anything in an attempt to regain a competitive advantage.  This should not be surprising to women.   Research has shown even in situations where a wife has been unfaithful and returns home, the husband does not seek immediate reassurance of his wife’s love for him.  Instead, the first thing he wants is vivid descriptions of her extramarital activities, punctuated by frequent comparisons between him and her lover.”  For men, it all comes back to competition.  So, if, in the past, you have avoided making comparisons with him and other men for whatever reason, you may be truly missing a golden opportunity.


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