The Competition Advantage – Part 6: Penis Size Competition

Please read part I here! (Why men need to compete for their wives.)

Part II can be found here (A woman’s self perception)

Part III is about the biological differences between men and women and is here.

The fourth part helps understanding the competitive nature of men.

The fifth part of the series shows that cuckolding is absolutely normal.


Let me give you a news flash.  A man’s penis is the center of his universe, and they love it when you talk about them.  Women often think men are irrational and obsessed with their cocks, and they admittedly are, but you need to be aware of this, and be more attentive to satisfying this insatiable need of theirs.  Men measure their cocks ALL the time, and they love it when their wives do it.   They also love it when you refer to their cock in inches because this personalizes it for them.  This is especially true during sex.


It would turn him on to hear you say something like, “Fuck me harder with your (fill in the blank) inch cock!   He loves the attention! Talking about penis size used to be another very taboo subject both publicly and especially in the bedroom.  However in recent years it has become much more acceptable and main stream.  Just turn on the TV and see all of the advertisements for Viagra or the variety of penis enlargement commercials.

Even television shows in prime time such as Sex and the City and Ally McBeal have brought the issue of the importance of penis size into the main stream when the female characters in these TV shows even openly stating their preference for well-endowed men while rejecting men who were of small or average endowment.  Thanks to all of this attention on the penis, talking about it publicly is no longer taboo and shouldn’t be with your husband either.  Here’s another dirty little secret, men look at other men’s cocks.


They will rarely admit it because of homophobia, but if the truth be known, they have always looked at other men’s cocks and are always doing mental comparisons.   The fact is they always have.  They always check out other guys in the locker rooms and showers at the gym.  They know who has the biggest penis.  And ladies, men especially like it when their wives compare their husband’s equipment (big or small) with other men even if the comparison is unfavorable to them.   All of this can work out beautifully for you because you can use this knowledge to shape the “competitive” landscape.


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