The Competition Advantage – Part 2: A Woman’s Self Perception

Please read part I here! (Why men need to compete for their wives.)


First of all, I believe as a woman you have to embrace your own sexuality.  Ask yourself, “Do I feel sexy?” Chances are that just like everybody else, you have some self-doubts.  Regardless of your age or body shape, you have to eliminate those negative thoughts right now.  For your husband to be turned on by you, you have to feel good about yourself.  When was the last time you went out and purchased some sexy lingerie?  It’s probably been awhile, so maybe it’s time to refurbish your wardrobe and begin looking sexy in order to feel sexy – try spoiling yourself by buying some slinky new bras and panties. Don’t even tell him, just buy them and let him see you in them.  I guarantee you, he’ll notice.


But ladies, do you want to know what the last thing is your man wants to hear?  That you feel fat, look fat, your boobs are too small, too droopy or whatever.  Remember, it all starts with your perception of yourself.  When you continually talk about your flaws and express unhappiness with your body it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Eventually he will begin to believe it too.  But, if you exude sexual confidence and have a positive attitude about yourself he will notice.  So, act like you’re hot, dress like you’re hot, and you will get and keep his attention.

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