The Competition Advantage – Why Men Need to Compete For Their Wives, Part 1: Introduction

I was recently captivated while reading several articles concerning the concept of ‘competition’ in relationships.  As a married man, I certainly found it provoking and it made me wonder how I would respond to a competing male (real or imaginary) in my own relationship. In the following blog I summarize and discuss some of the ideas and concepts on competition that I personally found interesting. While the article is not an endorsement for married women to cheat on their husbands, it does show how even the mere illusion of a ‘competitor’ can drastically alter a husband’s behavior; resulting in benefits for both spouses and the relationship as a whole.



Is your relationship in a rut?  Do you long for the days when your husband was dating you and treating you like the most important, attractive and desirable woman ever? Are those days long gone?   Do you wish you could rekindle your husband’s interest in you like it was back when he was pursuing you?  You can, and believe it or not, it’s much easier than you might think.

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