Kama sutra and penis size

If you are unfamiliar with the Kama sutra, this post will be interesting to you.


The Kama Sutra is dated back to about 300-400 AD. It’s quite interesting that even that far back in time that there was already an acknowledgement of the importance of genital size and sexual satisfaction. According to the Kama Sutra, men and women are divided into three classes based on the size of their genitals. A man with small penis is classified as the hare man, a man with an average size penis is considered a bull man, and a man with a big penis is a horse man. Women too are classified based on the depth of their vagina. Women with a small vagina depth are considered a doe, a woman with an average size vagina depth is classified as a mare, and a woman with a large vagina depth is considered a female elephant.

All this means that there are three equal unions that can exist between a man and a woman depending on their sizes, and six unequal ones. Consequently, the desired union is of partners with equal unions:

Hare Man – Doe Woman

Bull Man – Mare Woman

Horse Man – Elephant Woman

So basically, if your penis is bigger than her vagina can handle, then your union is unequal, and if your penis is smaller than the depths of her vagina, then, again, it’s an unequal union. In trying to determine what the various penis and vaginal sizes equated to in inches, the only reference that gave measurements was in Tantra Magazine which lists the following:

1. The Rabbit “Hare” man: 5 – 6 inches in erection
2. The Bull man: 6 – 7 inches in erection
3. The Stallion “Horse” man: 7 – 10 inches in erection

I’m not sure how accurate those sizes are, but assuming they are close to correct, those of us with less than 5 inches definitely need to find a doe!

However, if you are a Hare man in a relationship with a Mare or Elephant woman, all is not lost. The Kama Sutra doesn’t forbid unions of unequal size, and even provides examples of sexual positions that are ideal based on the genital sizes of the couple.

Though all of the above is probably quite intuitive to most of us, it is still interesting nonetheless how it is laid out is such detail. How do you feel about it?


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