Exploring the delights of the smaller penis

The purpose of this blog is to have men (and the women who love them) feel positive about “their” small penis. I openly and freely admit to being a married man with a very small penis. I love having a small penis and wouldn’t change it for anything. But, I didn’t always feel that way. It took me a long time to be able to appreciate my uniqueness and actually come to love my small penis. It wasn’t easy, and it was a very long and winding road. For far too long, men with small penises have been scorned, humiliated, teased and in general, made to feel like they didn’t measure up as a man. Unfortunately, we live in a world and culture where “bigger is better,”- or so popular culture would have us believe. Consequently, finding any positive information about having a small penis was, and regrettably still is, quite difficult to come by. I would like to use this blog as a vehicle for those of us who are small, and those who love us, to be able to share information and resources about our “uniqueness.”exploring-the-delights-of-the-smaller-penis


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Furthermore, I published a 110 page book: “How to begin cuckolding” – I put all my experiences in this book, starting from 0 to become a successful cuckold…




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