I recently read an excellent article written by one of our female contributors (Rougedmount) on her blog, that reminded me of my original post and I really wanted to share it with you. Basically the gist of the article, and I encourage you to read it in its entirety (plus the comments), is a fascinating […]

  The Art of Small Penis Teasing I was very pleasantly surprised this weekend when my wife said she wanted to talk with me about my craving for small penis teasing.   She is already very good at satisfying this need, but seriously, I think she wants to earn a Ph.D. in “The Art of Small […]

I’m happily married and love my husband, but have I been frustrated at times being married to a man with a small penis?  Yes, and I thought it might be helpful for men and women alike to understand some of my frustrations.  When I first approached my husband with the idea for this article, I […]

If you have labored in corporate or academic circles as long as I have, you no doubt have heard the phrase, “You need to think out of the box.” I have been hearing that phrase and been required to think out of the box for so long, to be honest, I don’t think I could […]

  My wife and I were enjoying a little Chardonnay earlier this evening and the topic quickly morphed into sex which it frequently does.  After all, let’s face it sex is a far more uplifting topic than the economy, politics, climate change or the latest steroids scandal in baseball.   We talked about shaving and she said […]