The first part is here! Tip # 3:  Being Sexually Aggressive:  Many men believe (incorrectly) that all women (including their own) prefer a big penis.  After all, a man with a bigger penis can touch places inside a woman we are simply incapable of, so a bigger penis must be preferred right?  Not necessarily.  For […]


How many times have you heard sexually frustrated couples cite penis size as a major roadblock to their sexual satisfaction?  Regrettably, it’s an all too common problem.  He thinks, “I’m too small to satisfy her,” while she thinks, “He’s too small to satisfy me.” While there may often be other variables at play, couples rarely […]


The first part is here. One of our blog contributors relayed a story about how his partner had confessed to him that the only vaginal orgasms she had ever had was with a former boyfriend who had a very large cock.  They jointly decided to go shopping for a dildo that was similar in size […]

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Dildos, Penis Extenders and Strap-on Cocks One of our readers mentioned penis sleeves the other day and it got me thinking that we really hadn’t touched on that topic in this blog yet and that we should. Discussing penis size with your partner can often times be very embarrassing and even an intimidating experience.  But, […]


Today’s post is just a quick heads-up, and it’s about the Cuckold Blogs Network. It’s basically like this, there are various blogs which I enjoy reading, I frequent some of them more and some of them to a lesser extent. However I have to search them all manually, and if I stumble upon a good one, […]

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