In the previous thread about small penis humiliation there were several interesting comments by women about their vaginal sizes and their preferences for larger dildos. Since this is a topic that is rarely discussed I thought it would be a good one to bring up here.  There are a few questions for women at the end. […]


A few weeks ago, I posted an article about the difficulty of finding condoms for those of us who are lesser endowed.  I mentioned a couple of companies that have made some token efforts at catering to us, but I also referenced a company in the UK called “TheyFit” that offer condoms essentially made to […]


(10)The meanest and more humiliating… tell hubby he is not allowed to cum during sex, and if he does, make him give you oral after sex, eating up his sperm. He will do it if you demand it… and if he doesn’t no sex for a couple months! (11)We definitely do the comparison to previous […]

We’re on vacation right now – and yes, Hottie managed to hook up with three guys already… as I am writing this, she is having in the bedroom🙂   Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page. You can stay tuned by liking my facebook […]


Rear Entry Positions: (1)  Leaping Lizard (Standard Grade) How to do it:  You begin by kneeling on the bed. Then, lean forward until your forearms, chest and head is resting comfortably on the bed (but turn your face sideways s you can breathe).  Yes, it does remind of a yoga position.  And yes, it does […]

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