We’re on vacation right now – and yes, Hottie managed to hook up with three guys already… as I am writing this, she is having in the bedroom🙂   Do you have any thoughts about this? Please write me a comment, or contact me via my about about page. You can stay tuned by liking my facebook […]


Rear Entry Positions: (1)  Leaping Lizard (Standard Grade) How to do it:  You begin by kneeling on the bed. Then, lean forward until your forearms, chest and head is resting comfortably on the bed (but turn your face sideways s you can breathe).  Yes, it does remind of a yoga position.  And yes, it does […]


Woman on Top  (1)  Classic Woman on Top How to do it:  There are certain positions sex therapists recommend more often when a man has a smaller penis. Surprisingly, the woman on top is an excellent position.  It’s surprising because when the woman begins moving up and down, the small endowed man will normally slip […]


Man on Top Positions: (1)  The Lady’s Squeeze How to do it: He sits back on his heels while you lie on your back. He lifts your hips and enters you. You place both legs together over one of his shoulders. He stabilizes your legs so that they don’t slide off his shoulder. What’s good […]


The first part is here! Tip # 3:  Being Sexually Aggressive:  Many men believe (incorrectly) that all women (including their own) prefer a big penis.  After all, a man with a bigger penis can touch places inside a woman we are simply incapable of, so a bigger penis must be preferred right?  Not necessarily.  For […]

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