Some days ago, I wrote an article called, “The Good & Bad of Online Chatting.”  In that article I introduced the topic and briefly touched on some of the safety considerations for people who are contemplating it or are already involved in it.  In thinking more about it, I decided I wanted to expand on that […]

This is a fascinating topic and one I felt like covering with our readers.  As always, let me preface it by saying, this isn’t an endorsement of this activity and I’m not encouraging or promoting it, but I think it is worthwhile exploring. With the advent of the Internet a whole new sexual marketplace has […]

We focus almost all of the attention on this blog on how we can satisfy our wives.  It’s fun, it’s exciting and I personally love focusing my complete attention on satisfying my Hotwife’s sexual needs.  Specifically, we talk a lot about oral sex, but usually in the context of our giving oral sex to our […]

I’m sure this photo will catch everyone’s attention.  Here is the scenario, you are walking on a beach or at the pool with your wife/partner and you catch a glimpse of a guy with a very noticeable huge bulge, what would you do?  Would you put your arm around her, and steer her in another […]

I saw this graphic and felt compelled to write something about the different kinds of sex people have.  Do a google search on the Internet for “Different kinds of sex” and you will find all kinds of different lists.  The list I have compiled below is certainly not an all-encompassing list, and anyone could argue […]