I recently went back and was re-reading the posts and comments I have received over time, and saw one comment from a reader that really got my attention.  His questions came under the post “How does sex feel after dildo play?”  He actually had lots of really good questions, and I thought it would be best […]


Learning to accept your penis size is something that can be very difficult for men to do.  Despite the fact that we can’t change it, some of us continually beat ourselves up over it for years.  Some of us have accepted it, while others still struggle with it. I was thinking the other day this topic […]


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Blog followers!  This is a day when all of us have an opportunity to outwardly demonstrate our love and commitment to our partner. We hope you are able to do so with the one you love most. In that spirit, I say to my own hotwife, I love […]


I was reading a beautifully written article the other day by a fellow blogger, Rougedmount, called, “Cuckold Fantasy to Fact.”  The article made me realize that cuckolding is a relationship alternative that is simply not well known or even understood.  I want to try and clarify some common misconceptions about it and explain why it […]


Since I began this blog, one of the really surprising things to me is the number of email questions I have gotten from women who are married to men who are small endowed. They have lots of questions. Some want to know how small I am, what my wife really thinks about my small penis, […]

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Cuckolding is my life and I love it.

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