I think most small endowed men would agree that once a man comes to accept his small penis and its impact on his significant other, changes begin to happen.  This is especially true when “she” accepts and enjoys playing up the reality that he doesn’t measure up.  This can have a profound impact on a […]

  When you look at any “Top 10” list of fantasies for men and women, one of the fantasies that routinely appears on both lists invariably involves a third or even a fourth party.  For example, a very common male fantasy is the FMF scenario, although some men are even curious about the MFM scenario.  […]


I couldn’t resist this!  🙂 I was perusing around on the internet and found a very interesting article called, A Phallic Journey:  Italy’s Penis Café.  (Do a google search and you can read the article).    Apparently in this café, everything is penis-centric.  Phallic symbols, usually quite large ones are prominent everywhere – on the handrails, […]

  Due to a request from a few of our readers, I posted the article “Orgasm Denial & Control” back in July, which generated quite a bit of interest.  Recently there have also been several references to women withholding intercourse from their partners.  Initially neither of these activities held any personal interest for us, but… […]

One of our new women contributors contacted me and suggested posing some interesting questions about the SPT/SPH fetish.  When I looked at the questions I thought these are excellent questions, and I thought it would be appropriate to post them here.  While she and her husband engage in SPT from time to time, she is […]